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Small Tactical Flashlight


Petite but Powerful – Small Tactical Flashlight

Apart from all the gadgets that you line up in your house to make your life a breeze, one important one that is also often the ignored one is a small tactical flashlight. You realize the importance and usage of a flashlight only once you need it and if you are an outdoor person, you can swear by the benefits it provides.

Before you decide to buy a compact tactical flashlight for yourself read on a few points that you must remember at the time of purchase. We also make your task easier by recommending a few models.


Factors that can affect your selection:

  • Type of Batteries-

    The life of a flashlight is from its batteries. So you must consider the quality of batteries and how often are you prepared to replace them.

  • Material used and the shape

    The most popular materials used in the flashlights are plastic, aluminum alloy or stainless steel. You must consider a choice that can get maximum resistance and a shape that gives a good grip.

  • Light Output-

    The flashlights come with varying outputs as per the purpose for which they are used. You must be clear about the use to which you will put your flashlight and then choose the one with the required output.

  • Size and Weight-

    It is always advisable to choose a compact led flashlight for the convenience of use and also remember that a bigger and heavier flashlight is not necessarily a powerful flashlight.


Best Small Tactical Flashlight Review:



Top 3 Small Tactical Flashlights – Our Recommendations:

1. J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight- The Original 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Small LED Flashlight:

Your hunt for the brightest small flashlight might just end here. With the maximum output of 300 Lumens LED that give out a strong beam of light that goes as far as 600 feet, you would certainly know what we mean when we say brightest. The intelligent modes (high, low, and strobe) available in the flashlight help you to overcome any kind of a situation that you might be in. If long hours of work outdoors are a part of your life, you will certainly fall for its ability to run on a 14500 rechargeable battery that can give you uninterrupted hours of use. This might also classify it as a small rechargeable flashlight. It uses a single AA battery. Best compact flashlight that is also tough and weathered and is perfect for adventures like camping or hunting.


2. BRIGHTEX FL 11 600 Lumens Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight – Best Small EDC Flashlight:

Genuinely the brightest small led flashlight, Brightex comes with the brightest real 604 lumens that can put flashlights with 1000 lumens to shame. An exceptional x2000 zoom feature coupled with one hand operation that leaves your other hand absolutely free for any activity that you might need to undertake. You can be sure of an uninterrupted light even at the time of emergency with the power packed Lithium batteries. It comes with the benefit of 5 modes and an additional belt and holster clip for a convenient carriage. Finally, a small waterproof flashlight that is light weight but super powerful. Calling it a small powerful flashlight would not be wrong in any sense.


3. Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight with Focusing lens, Military Quality – Best Small Tactical Flashlight:

The brightest compact flashlight Vizeri is packed with CREE T6 XML LED to give out the strongest beam that is dangerously bright as compared to the other flashlights in the segment that claim to be bright with higher lumens. It comes with the feature of focus together with five modes (Strobe, SOS, and high, medium, low). The exteriors are made in aluminum that is military grade and it has a hardened anodized finish. The torch can be easily submerged in a depth of 3 feet. It is one of those small flashlights with high lumens. Unlike the cheap flashlights, all its components thread inside the tube. It comes with a lot of additional accessories, that make its use easier, like a remote tactical switch, a bike mount, orange diffuser, weapons mount and lithium batteries. It has power options that are the most flexible and economical- low cost AAA or CR123 alkaline batteries. It is the most powerful compact flashlight.



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