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Best Keychain Flashlight


A Guide to Buy the Best Keychain Flashlight

Flashlights are one of those must-have tools that we use in our day to day life and almost tend to take their utility for granted. But a flashlight suitable to once requirements can become a good companion as compatible as one’s mobile phones today. The most compact entry in the category, the best keychain flashlight gets all our attention here in this article.

Apart from the other factors like the output, batteries used and power source, size and weight of a flashlight are one of the major factors that affect the choice of a flashlight. It is not possible to carry large sized, heavy weight flashlights everywhere. But due to the nature of its purpose, it is important that one carries a flashlight at all times them. Thus, small keychain flashlights were born. Extremely small in size and feather light in weight, LED keychain flashlights can be virtually attached to anything from backpacks, wallets, to trousers or the key rings. They can become your companion of all times in true sense.

The market is over flowing with various models of flashlights with a new one getting introduced every other day. Before you go out to make a choice of the best keychain flashlights available in the market, we plan to make your search process a little breezy by sharing our top three recommendations, in this category, with you.


Best Keychain Flashlight Review:


Our Top 3 Recommendations for the Best Keychain Flashlight:

1.Stream light 73001 Nano light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight:

True to its name, the Stream light Nano miniature key chain is so nano in size that you can attach it to almost anything- from your key chain, back packs, clothes zippers and almost forget that it is there. For 1.47 inches long, it is a perfect LED keychain light fit to be carried around in pockets and wallets. ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’ holds so true for the stream light 73001. Even though small in size, the light uses 5 mm LED that is astonishingly bright for its size. Incapable of being affected by shocks, it is packed with 100,000 hours of lifetime. Due to the absence of glass or filament, there is no danger of breaking the LED and it often lasts a lifetime as well. Designed in aircraft grade aluminum that gives it its durability, this brightest keychain flashlight is also a perfect option of an intelligent gifting.


2.MecArmy PT 16 1000 Lumens Rechargeable LED Ultra Compact Keychain Flashlight – Brightest Keychain Flashlight:

Best keychain LED flashlight in terms of brightness levels. With the maximum output of super bright 1000 lumens, the MecArmy is clearly in the category of brightest flashlights. It has a flashing mode and four different levels of brightness from Turbo, High, Medium, Low and Strobe. It can be fully charged in 90 minutes with a micro USB charging port. For the added convenience, it also comes with the ‘charging’ and the ‘fully charged’ indicators, a feature that is not very common in flashlights. A side switch and a tail stand feature make it handy to use. The entire body is made from aero grade aluminum alloy. A small waterproof flashlight, the MecArmy comes with a five year warranty too.


3.ThorFire Keychain LED Flashlight Ultra Bright 155 Lumen – Waterproof Tactical Keychain Flashlight:

Ultra-bright for its size, this tactical keychain flashlight comes with three in built modes- High, Low and Strobe. Though the flashlight is small in size but is ultra-powerful with an output of 155 lumen and a light back up of about 100 hours. An incredibly small size of 2.7 inches, it can be easily fit in a pocket, purse or a wallet. This makes it perfect for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. While it can be easily used as a second light for your car or your closet, you can also carry it to your camping and other adventure trips. Like most of the flashlights, Thorfire is also made in aerospace Aluminum alloy to make it durable and water resistant. The Tail Switch for on and off controls makes it handy. With an additional snap hook, it is not just a keychain with light but a perfect choice of gift to many.


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