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Best Brightest Flashlight


Best Brightest Flashlight – the Ultimate Buy

Gone are the days when flashlights meant bulky and heavy lights meant to be carried around indoors or outdoors. With the advancement in technology, you get the sleekest design with the most powerful output you can imagine. Perfect for every day carry (EDC), the best brightest flashlight is not only a convenient piece of gadget but has also become the most popular choice of gifting for the attractive packages that they are.


Few Factors to Consider Before Buying Ultra Bright Flashlights:

So if you plan to pick up one for yourself or to gift it to one of your loved ones, you must opt for the brightest LED flashlight. Since a flashlight is all about its brightness, its output is one of the most important factors to be considered besides the others like the following-

  1. A small and a compact flashlight is what you must look for since there is no connection between the size of the light and its brightness. You can find some ultra bright flashlights in the most compact bodies.
  2. The material used in the body is another factor to be considered since you surely want a durable piece that would also be impact resistant.
  3. Having different modes in your flashlight will help you save battery life since you have an option of changing the mode as per the requirement of your light.
  4. Having a brightest rechargeable flashlight is like an icing on the cake, you never have to bother about the battery life running out since you can recharge them anywhere.


Most Powerful Brightest Tactical Led Flashlights Review:



Best Brightest Flashlight—Our Top Three Choices:

Here are our top 3 recommendations of the brightest flashlights to help you make the perfect choice.

1. Acebeam K60 Cree XHP70 LED 5000 Lumens Magnetic Ring Flashlight – Brightest Tactical Led Flashlight:

The Acebeam has a body structure built in aerospace grade aluminum. It has an anti-abrasive surface that is hard anodized. Its tempered glass lens has an anti reflective coating that eliminates any irritating glare and is ultra clear. The LED used in the flashlight is Cree XHP70 that has an impressive run time often plus years. It has 5000 lumens output by using four 18650 batteries. It has several levels of operation that gives different outputs. The intelligently designed features like the tactical switch, temperature controlled light output for the safety of the user make it a perfect choice for law enforcement, military, self dense and various outdoor activities. This one is a bright tactical flashlight that is suitable for almost all kinds of jobs.


2.ThrunNite TN36 UT 7300 Lumen LED Flashlight – Super Bright High Lumen Flashlight:

World’s brightest LED flashlight, ThruNite is packed with CREE XHP 70 which in itself is a milestone in LED technology and has the capability of delivering the most efficient bright light and an output of up to 7300 lumens. The product promises an energy efficiency of up to 96.5% and is well protected against any cause of overheating with its ITC technology. It is both compact and portable due to its small size and a complimentary holster. An extremely bright flashlight, it is also cost effective and affordable as compared to many of its counter parts on the market shelves. It is a onetime investment since the batteries are rechargeable.

Apart from delivering the brightest flashlight on the market, ThruNite is known to provide the best after sales service that includes replacements, repairs and warranty.


3.NITECORE P36 2000 Lumen CREE MT-G2 LED Tactical Flashlight – High Power Rechargeable Led Flashlight:

The Nitecore LED flashlight uses a CREE MT-G2 LED to yield a maximum output of 2000 lumen. This makes its runtime also an impressive 325 hours. The gadget is featured with 10 levels of brightness and 5 different modes too. They help in operating in multiple applications. Brightest tactical LED flashlight, it is also rechargeable with a Nitecore i2 intelligent charger which is an automatic, smart charger, is universal and compatible with all kinds of rechargeable batteries. This high lumen flashlight comes with an in-car charging cable and four CR123A Lithium batteries. The rotary switch makes it easier to use the product. One can easily enter the strobe mode with an easy movement of the rotary switch.



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