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Best AAA Flashlight


Looking for the Best AAA Flashlight?

The most important factor about any gadget is its size. The smaller and sleeker the gadget, the better it is. But the small size should definitely not steal away the power of the product and thus, came in the era of a unique combination of compact yet power packed tools and gadgets, something like the best AAA flashlight.

The size of a flashlight is greatly determined by the size of the batteries it employs. The bigger the batteries the brighter is the light of the flashlight. But bigger batteries make a flashlight heavier and sturdy, unfit to be carried around at all times. This brings in the AAA battery flashlight that has it all.


Features of AAA Batteries:

  • The AAA batteries are one of the most traditional batteries we have been using since ages in our household products like clocks, remote controls and children’s toys.
  • These are the smallest size of batteries that come in cylindrical shapes.
  • Though smaller in size than their counterpart AA batteries, they are very powerful. The current produced by them is 1.5V, which is the same as from AA, C or D size of batteries.
  • The capacity of AAA batteries can go up to 1200 mAh (depending on their type) which is almost the half of the capacity of an AA battery.
  • AAA tactical flashlights are compact and ideal for any purpose.

Because of their above mentioned benefits, the manufacturers have launched various models of AAA LED flashlights.


Best AAA Flashlight Review:



Best AAA Flashlight – Our Top 3 Recommendations:

Now before you go any further to seek your best AAA flashlight, consider our recommendations.

1. Coast HP7R Rechargeable focusing 300 Lumen LED Flashlight – Best Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight:

One of the most powerful AAA flashlights available in the market today, Coast led flashlight runs on 4 AAA batteries that are included in the model or 2 Lithium ion batteries. Rightly called the rechargeable tactical LED flashlight, its batteries are rechargeable (as the name suggests) and can be easily charged using AC, DC or USB. The light output is impressive too, with a high illumination at 300 Lumens and a low illumination at 30 Lumens. It boasts of a battery backup of 7 hours at high mode and 33 hours at low mode. An exceptionally impressive distance of beam light of 352 meters at high mode and 111 meters at low mode. The flashlight uses slide focus technology together with long range focusing optics.


2. FENIX TK 35 2000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight – Best Brightest Rechargeable Led Flashlight:

This Fenix LED flashlight is fast disappearing from the stocks in the market and that is for obvious reasons. One of the best 2000 lumen flashlight, it is the newest version that makes use of the Cree XHP 50 LED. The flashlight can run on either two 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries or four 3V CR123A Lithium batteries. Both the types of batteries are included with the flashlight. The dual tail button switch makes the operations simpler and faster. The orange peel reflector provided in the flashlight has the ability of producing a wide beam angle of 75 degrees. This enables a powerful illumination in the middle range. The complete package also includes a smart battery charger, a charger adapter for car apart from the two FENIX ARB-L2S 3400 mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries and four Edison bright CR123A Lithium batteries. So far, it is the best Fenix tactical flashlight in the range of high lumen rechargeable flashlights.


3. Eco gear FX Tactical LED Flashlight kit (TK120) – Brightest AAA Waterproof Tactical LED Flashlight

A good rechargeable flashlight, Eco Gear makes use of professional grade LED flashlight that has an ultra-bright illumination and is rightly called the brightest LED flashlight. The model is crafted out of aluminum alloy that is durable and aircraft grade. With an excellent quality CREE T6 LED that delivers 1200 Lumens, the bright light that it produces helps it grade as a best LED flashlight. The zoom function enables the targeted illumination which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor adventures and general domestic use alike. This bright led flashlight comes with 5 light modes. The entire body is cut out of hard anodized finish. It is water resistant, shock proof and anti-abrasive as well. The flashlight comes with two rechargeable batteries and a high speed battery charger.



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